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It is no secret that the seller is already paying the commissions for both sides and that the buyer is free to choose their own representation. With this being such an important financial transaction, why do most buyers settle for less than full representation of their interests?  This baffles every consumer advocate out there.

So what does the press have to say about hiring an exclusive buyer broker to represent you?

Chicago Tribune “Hiring an exclusive buyer broker costs the home buyer nothing extra”

USA Today “Most agents who show you homes don’t represent your interests. They work for the seller and their objective is to sell the house at the highest possible price”

Kipplinger’s Changing Times “Exclusive buyer agencies are the best. They remove any conflict of interest, which is the main reason for considering a buyer broker in the first place. Exclusive Buyer Brokers work only with buyers and don’t take listings. They’re obligated to help you find the best deal and lowest price”

Chicago Sun-Times “Unless the agent is an exclusive buyer’s agent, there is a possible conflict of interest”

Smart Money “Groups such as the Consumer Federation and the American Association of Retired Persons recommend using exclusive buyer agents, the reason is they work”

Money Magazine “Unlike traditional agents who look out for the seller, an exclusive buyer broker acts as your advocate, helping you find the home you want and then negotiating the lowest possible price”

Consumer Reports “You can’t have partial loyalty, an agent either works for you or works for someone else”

Business Week “Exclusive Buyer broker – aims for the best deal for the home buyer”

Medical Economics “Level the playing field when you buy a home. You may get a better deal with your own broker pulling for you. The introduction of buyer brokers takes a horribly one-sided process and simply makes it fair”

Agency Law Quarterly “Ralph Nader again held up exclusive buyer brokerage as the only legitimate option for the home buying public”