We Are Not Like The Others

Traditional firms and their agents emphasize a ‘sales-oriented’ approach to moving properties. Unlike them, we never sell anything to anyone. We never work with or for anyone else except our buyer clients. We never compromise your representation because we avoid dual agency, we don’t consider shuffling clients for referral fees, and we won’t accept any other incentives.

The Illinois real estate license law has been protected to allow traditional firms to continue to make commissions on both sides of the deal as long as they sufficiently warn the consumers about the real versus perceived extent of their agent representation.  For the protection of the public, dual agency has actually been declared illegal in a number of states.  But not in Illinois, where the complications around this whole ‘agency’ and ‘representation’ subject merely requires each agent to obtain signed agency disclosures from their clients, customers, and consumers (they have to make exactly such distinctions).  And then most traditionalists train their agents to try to get everyone to also sign agreements upfront to consent to dual agency (thereby agreeing to receiving significantly less representation) so as to enable the possibility of ‘going for double commissions’ whenever the situation arises.  And the traditionalists also have to worry about prematurely hearing confidential information that they might or might not use against someone when working the other side of a transaction.

We instead are straightforward and pure in our representations (as we exclusively work with buyers only), so full exclusive buyer client relationships are established right as we begin working together.  Our contracts and discussions don’t even cover dual agency, as it is never even a possibility with us.