We Represent People

We don’t represent property. We exclusively represent buyers only, eliminating the conflicts of interest that are inherent within the traditional model. We are always on your side, representing your interests against the interests of the seller. By design we have aligned our interests with yours, which uniquely enables us to serve you as your true advocate!

Buyers who use traditionalists (traditional firms and their agents, working with sellers and buyers) have always had to be very careful. Perhaps you have learned, through your experience and the experience of others, that the agent may represent the buyer or the seller, or both. That it is not uncommon for agents to share information in attempts to close deals. And that you should be cautious not to reveal too much personal information, which could be used at any time to undermine your bargaining position.

As a buyer, never under any circumstances consider allowing dual agency representation with a traditionalist. Perhaps you’ve heard of the divorce attorney’s example? It boils down to one spouse saying “gee, your attorney seems smart and capable and nice, do you mind if they represent me as well?” Do you really think that anyone who practices and defends dual agency is demonstrating ethics and serving client interests, or are they instead pursuing their own interests (double commissions)?  Dual agency facilitation (sorry, we cannot bring ourselves to call it representation) can never be seen as “in the best interests of the clients”.  Someday hopefully dual agency will be a fallacy of the past in Illinois (dual agency is now illegal in seven states).

Exclusive Buyer Brokers LLC chose to take the highest road and to avoid conflicts of interest inherent in representing buyers and sellers.  By design, we can never have a client’s offer mistakenly overseen by the other side of a transaction, or have someone overhear a water cooler discussion where information is inappropriately overheard, or even have colleagues working opposite sides in the first place.  We have no company listings to push, no favors to make for any boss or any other agents, and no referral fees or elaborate commission schemes to consider (agent incentives outweighing client interests?).  We are never influenced by special incentives.  We are not trained sell.  That’s good, because we never sell anything to anyone, so all of our transactions will be bought, not sold.

Traditionalists employ a business model that aggressively pursues listings, and with these they heavily advertise their brand and their name so as to achieve a ‘company goal’ ratio of using company listings to attract additional listings and additional buyers (for additional commissions, which drive everything).  That is the plan, outlined in book after book and taught in training program after training program.  It is list-sell-repeat.  The sellers are often well-represented clients but too often unfortunately the buyers are merely the customers in the transactions.  “67 percent could see a potential conflict of interest when seller and buyer agents work for the same broker” (Consumer Federation of America, 2007).  How are traditionalists commonly viewed by consumers?   “When Americans are asked to rank professions by prestige, Real Estate Agent/Broker is ranked 23rd” (Harris Interactive, 2009).  Unfortunately this popular poll measures just 23 professions… Exclusive Buyer Brokers LLC is a new breed of Broker, aiming to improve the service, results, and satisfaction of our buyer clients.  Perhaps it sounds strange, but one of our biggest competitive advantages is simply that we are not like the traditionalists!