You Should Partner with Us

As a savvy buyer, you absolutely deserve independent, aggressive, and uncompromising representation. We will partner with you as your true advocate and we’ll share 25% of our seller-paid commission with you. We are proud to employ the strictest consumer-focused full service business model you will find anywhere among North Shore real estate brokerage firms.

You would hopefully not be surprised to find out that, as a group, “agents specializing in listing properties were found to obtain higher prices for their sellers while agents specializing on buying properties obtained lower prices for their buyers” (G. Turnbull and J. Dombrow, 2005).  We give you your best chance of obtaining seller and property information that we can use to aggressively negotiate your best deal.

We are selective when choosing the clients we will represent, based on factors such as ability and motivation to purchase.  Let’s schedule a consultation to evaluate your needs and timetables and to determine if we mutually feel there is a good match.  Then we join forces with our clients under an exclusive agency buyer representation contract. Our broker obligations, including your commission rebate, are pledged to you in return for your buyer obligations, including loyalty to us while we work together per your defined terms, but importantly NOT including any obligation for you to EVER owe us ANY compensation (this definitely breaks with real estate buyer contract tradition).